A Little Change Can Make a Big Difference

It is in those times when we don't think we can afford to make much of a difference that we most need to.

So, I was thinking...
If I could put together a little something to give to someone who needs it or to a charity that needs a helping hand it would make a difference.
And if I could put it together over a few days or weeks or even months in a place that I wouldn't forget it, or lose it, or spend it, that would be even better.
A little change purse to put in the car or purse or pocket is a great reminder and the perfect thing to use to pass your gift along.

If you think it might work for you, give it a try and let me know how it went. I'll post your story here and "Tweet" it along for all to hear. Maybe your story will inspire someone else to pay it forward and lend a helping hand with a Change Purse.